Where to do it: Garriochmill area in Hillhead, east wall of Necropolis

How to do it: Get close to the wall, scan the surface looking for cracks, ledges and holes- any space where you can put a foot, hand, finger or toe, this helps you to sustain yourself. Moving sideways tests your stamina rather than vertigo tolerance when for example climbing up.
The exercise asks you to compete with lizards. Here you leave the horizontal and arrange your body on a vertical surface, using rough advantages of dead skin on feet and fingers, which can maximize the minimal support when moving across stones or rocks of the wall.

Care:The rock walls are a paradise for reptiles and insects, so try to have a look before you place your bare hand/foot and some disasters can be avoided.
You get off safe when you get off slow to check circumstances like texture of the ground.

Equipment: No shoes, shoes, climbing shoes

Hazards/risks: Stone breaking out of wall, falling on you, falling off

Suitability for wet weather: No

Grade of difficulty: 7